The power of words...

Think of all the high-tech ways we share information. Our interconnected digital world has become routine for us.

Now imagine yourself visiting from as recently as the 1970s. How would you would react upon seeing a smartphone or laptop computer for the first time!

(Back then, pushbutton telephones, answering machines, and personal tape players — playing disco — were some of the hottest items.)

And yet...

None of our remarkable devices has replaced the written word as the best way to convey ideas.

Yes, we have all kinds of new ways to
deliver words. But the medium is still not the message! The words themselves still count, and your words must get through all the clutter to tell your story.

More than ever, knowing how to get — and hold — your target audience’s attention is critical. Your message must move them intellectually
and emotionally—and motivate them to take action.

As an experienced, AWAI-trained copywriter, I can help you use the power of words to do just that.

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Effective writing for large and small projects

Here are some of the B2B and B2C project types I typically handle:

  • Sales Letters
  • Case Studies
  • White papers
  • Brochures
  • Product sheets
  • Articles
  • Fiction and other creative pieces

Technical Documentation

In addition to being a trained marketing copywriter, I am also a senior-level tech writer and documentation specialist. Do you have a technical documentation project coming up? Let me show you how I can get your project completed to the highest professional standards… on time… and usually for less than you were expecting to pay.

My experience as a
technical writer gives me a unique perspective on the power of combining marketing copy with the discipline of technical writing.

To your success,
Doug Jefferys