Case Studies

What is one of the most effective ways to reach your prospects?

Tell a story!

  • People relate to a story often when nothing else will get their attention.
  • A story draws you in because it lets you identify with real people in real situations; situations you can imagine yourself experiencing.

A case study is nothing more than a testimony of how your customer benefitted from your product.

  • Case studies let your prospects experience your product or service in a natural way, just as if they were using it themselves.
  • There's no sales pitch because it's not needed.
  • A case study gets your prospect to identify with the problems faced by real people, and then gets them to identify just as strongly with the solutionyour product or service!
  • Case studies have a high read rate andjust as important have a high rate of being passed around to other decision makers within your targeted audience.

Case studies are usually a couple of pages long, so you're not asking a prospect to spend a lot of time reading them. They can be easily laid out on a single sheet of stock, with simple graphics, so the cost is reasonable.

Think of your best customers.
Their testimony is one of the most valuable sales tools you can use. A case study is the perfect platform for getting that testimony in front of your prospects.

I will guide you through the simple process of getting buy-in from your customer to tell their story. I'll also make sure everyone is on board, from your legal department to your sales department, so everyone has a stake in a successful outcome.

Think how often a well-crafted story
caught your attention and introduced you to a product or service in a way that had high credibility, but without a sales pitch.

CONTACT ME TODAY and let's get the power of story telling to work for you!


This is an example of a case study targeted to a B2B audience. It's style and length are typical for this type of study:
Transformation Engineering-Devonshire

This is a longer length case study that has more of a feature article look and feel. It is better suited for a more general audience where specific facts aren't as important as they might be for a B2B audience:
HTH Restoration

Another sample that could appeal to either consumers or B2B customers:
Targis Transmission Service

One of the services I offer is to create a low-cost "mini case study" for smaller businesses who would like some brief customer testimonies, but do not want to go through the process of a more traditional case study.

Normally, a case study involves a number of departments within a business, such as Sales, Marketing, and Legal, as well as coordination between the client and the client's customer. They also usually involve more than one interviewee, and have multiple quotations from different people. This takes time and is more involved.

The mini case study is simple. You give me the name of a satisfied customer with a story to tell. I contact them, get a few quotes, and create a "wrapper" that fills in the story and provides a framework for the quote(s). It's more than just a random quote with no context, but it is still short and effective, and can be used on your web page, brochures, and other collateral.

The sample here was taken from the longer example of Targis Transmission Service. I repurposed that one to show the contrast between what you would expect from a traditional case study, and how it might look as a mini case study.
Targis Transmission Service Quote