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Targis Transmission Service Mini Study
The sample here was taken from the longer example of Targis Transmission Service. I repurposed that one to show the contrast between what you would expect from a traditional case study, and how it might look as a mini case study.

From Feeling Vulnerable to Peace Of Mind — Targis Tranmission Service and their Specialized Approach

Nancy H. was near her wits’ end after two different service centers were unable to fix her transmission. It still hunted for gears, slipped during acceleration, and made a dreadful clunking sound that had her seeing dollar signs dancing before her eyes.

“Like most people, I depend on that vehicle, but I was completely lost as to what was going on and how much it was going to cost,” she said.

Then a friend told her about Targis Transmission Service...

“I was immediately impressed by how professional the place was, and how everyone working there had all kinds of certifications and experience. I really felt like they appreciated my business and were going to treat me honestly and not quit until the problem was truly fixed.”

Nancy learned that Targis Transmission Service is the go-to shop for a number of fleet owners, from taxis, to delivery companies, and even to local police departments.

She also learned that they had all the latest service bulletins and updates from all the manufacturers, so they are just as up-to-date as any dealer. “I didn’t realize an independent shop could do that!” Nancy exclaimed.

Targis replaced a couple of worn parts the other repair places had missed, and within a couple of hours Nancy was on her way. Her transmission has worked flawlessly ever since.

“It was a powerful lesson that great service and quality are always the keys to success” she said. “If you have them, people will always support you. I cannot recommend Targis enough! Thanks guys!”

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