Sales Letters

Sales letters have been a key part of marketing for over a century — and the online world hasn't changed that. Sales letters are now all over the Web in addition to arriving in your mailbox on a regular basis. Why? Because they work!

A great sales letter speaks to a potential customer's core motivators. That doesn't mean manipulating them into buying something they don't need. No, it means getting past the typical obstacles they automatically throw in your path, and reaching inside to get to the real reasons why they want to purchase.

  • Crafting an effective sales letter is both an art and a science.
  • There are tried-and-true elements that are found in all great sales letters with good conversion rates.
  • They include the structure… the words you choose (or avoid)… consistent themes… and many more.

Done right, a great sales letter is enjoyable to read. It pulls the prospect in and delivers your message without sounding like a sales pitch.

Remember that sales letters do not have to be long and expansive. A sales letter can be a simple note that reads as if it was sent by an old friend. It can even be postcard-sized, when your message (and budget) are limited.

Video Sales Letters

Video Sales Letters (VSLs) are taking the direct marketing world by storm. Their effectiveness is becoming legendary, and they offer numerous opportunities to combine your basic message with dynamic visual enhancements that hold your audience and punctuate your message.

VSLs still need compelling copy, though. And that copy must be tailored to a voiceover announcer. The basic principles of salesmanship still apply, but the technique and approach are different. Your target viewers can still click away from a boring or ineffective presentation, so using the right words in the right way is as crucial here as it is with direct mail packages. Don’t take a chance… get it right the first time. I can help you do that.

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