Technical Writing
Proposal Writing
Marketing Support

Technical writers create documents such as

  • User Guides
  • Instruction Manuals
  • Spec Sheets
  • Training Materials
  • Procedural Guidelines
  • Installation Manuals
  • Configuration Guides
  • Online Help
  • etc.

Really, almost any kind of information, instructional, or reference documentation can fall into the realm of the tech writer—everything from the little fold-out instruction sheet accompanying a consumer product, to massive, multi-volume reference libraries for large-scale industrial processes.

Technical writers also work with your sales department to create
Proposals and respond to RFPs (Request for Proposals). These projects require a synthesis of technical and marketing writing skills to showcase your product's capabilities in a way that highlights the benefits it brings to customers, while still providing all the information a potential customer expects and needs.

This synthesis of tech writing and marketing copywriting can extend to the creation of other technically-oriented
marketing collateral, such as brochures, white papers, case studies, spec sheets, and other marketing content.

I have been a technical writer since 1998, so I
understand the dynamics of the typical high-tech environment, the personalities involved, and the needs of the organization. I can anticipate much of what will happen during a development cycle; this gives me the insight to offer the kind of support and input that can only come from a seasoned contributor.

Much of my tech writing experience has been creating documents for enterprise-level software products.

I have also written documentation for sophisticated hardware products such as medical ultrasound scanning machines and pharmaceutical dispensing automation.

And, at times, I have scaled down my writing style to create simple instruction manuals so inexperienced workers can learn to run equipment like automated mail opening systems.

Along with these projects, I have created

  • white papers
  • marketing materials
  • sales campaign mock ups
  • slide presentations for senior management
  • customer surveys

I have had extensive experience creating online help using RoboHelp, Madcap Flare, and AuthorIT. Creating online help is one of my most enjoyable tasks as a tech writer.

And… believe it or not, I also really enjoy creating indexes for manuals! There's a creative art involved that is very satisfying.

These projects required writing that is concise, accurate, and well researched. I was able to deliver it, and I can do the same for you.

In case you’re wondering if a tech writer can also be a good marketing copywriter (and vice versa), the answer is a definite
yes. Technical writing can be compatible with marketing writing. Approached correctly, both disciplines can compliment each other, creating a powerful synergy that amplifies your message.

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Most tech-writing clients do not allow proprietary and internal documents to be used outside their organizations, so I am not able to show much in the way of examples.

The following two examples are from companies that no longer exist, however, so I am not violating any proprietary or confidentiality agreements. These documents were created awhile ago, and I would probably make some slight tweaks if I was creating them today. But they still give you an idea of my style.

Zingbill User Guide

MailScan Operator Guide

Below is a style guide I created for Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. It does not have any information in it that violates privacy issues. I took the initiative to create this document, and it was then used by the writing team within the department as a guide to maintain consistent look and feel of the documentation being created. It will give you an idea of my style, process, thinking, and organization.

Style Guide