Do you have a product or service to offer? A brochure is a must. Potential customers expect you to hand them something when they ask “Do you have any literature on this?”

If you stand there empty handed, all kinds of red flags pop up in their minds. They’re going to wonder if you’re for real, or if you have no money and are likely to go out of business in the next fifteen minutes. Not a good first impression...

Responding with “We’re putting some brochures together now” when you’ve actually been putting it off for the last seven months is no answer, either.

Don’t make the mistake of waiting. If you have no other printed material, you should at least have a brochure. Did you know that many B2B customers actually require a brochure before considering a proposal from you? It helps to show that you are legitimate.

And, your brochure had better look good and thoroughly explain your business. Generally, the more information, the better, especially for B2B. As an experienced tech and marketing writer, I can help you make sure your message is covered thoroughly.

A lot of business owners believe that putting together a brochure is something they can do themselves. Unfortunately for them, the end result usually looks like what it is — a do-it-yourself effort.

If your brochure project has been on the back burner for any length of time, you should consider letting an outside pro take over. You'll get a fresh perspective from a professional... it will get off your plate so you can concentrate on the things you do best... and
it will finally get done!

Don’t put this off... compared to other business expenses, a brochure is very cost effective, and will pay for itself quickly in increased sales.

CONTACT ME TODAY and let's get those brochures finished and into your customers' hands!


A brochure for a company and product that no longer exists. I created all the copy, and they had a graphic designer lay out the brochure. This was a pretty cool product; I'm not sure why it didn't take off.
NxView Product Brochure

Here are a few more examples. I did the layout and graphics for these, too (although I do not promote myself as a graphic artist). I would normally create the text, and your graphic artist would then lay out the brochure. But I can put the whole thing together, if needed.

Victorian Dreamhouse

Daycare Flyer

Physician's Office

Stealth Patrol 1

Stealth Patrol 2