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Response Letter

Dear Mr. Covey,

I am sorry you have decided to cancel your booking for a LuxAir apartment. We were looking forward to your visit and the chance to provide you with a wonderful home-away-from-home while in Madrid.

On the rare occasions when someone decides to cancel a booking, it is often because they believe the apartment is too expensive based on a quick over- view of the rental fee. This is unfortunate, because a true evaluation of price versus value shows that a LuxAir apartment ends up being a bargain in the long run.

Why do we say that? For a number of reasons. Please consider them before completely closing the door on this opportunity.

  • Our properties and fees are all inclusive. Don't be misled by lower initial prices. Compare feature for feature when deciding. You will find that our properties and services include many more "built in" amenities and important services than other properties or hotels. When you add up all the extras at other locations, you are very likely to end up paying more in the end than you would if you had just stayed with us in the first place.

  • Check our sale prices. When you take them into consideration, we are lower in cost than comparable properties.

  • With LuxAir, you are getting the best apartments in the best neighborhoods. Our properties are sparkling clean, fully remodeled, graciously decorated, and offer modern conveniences. Paying less elsewhere means getting less. Other locations require you to step down to an inferior property, with fewer features, in less desirable locations. In the end, that means your stay in Madrid is not what it could—or should—have been. Your vacation should be the best it can be. Don't make the mistake of choosing a property based on initial price alone, and going home with frustrations instead of the sweet memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Do other locations offer 24-hour locally-based maintenance services? With LuxAir, your vacation is protected. Do other locations offer extra large water heaters so everyone can take a shower and still have hot water? Do they offer the same security that our buildings and neighborhoods offer? You need to compare! Do they come with a full compliment of music and video entertainment, as well as high-speed Internet access built in? Do they have modern, fully equipped kitchens?

  • Our apartments are meant to be as welcoming as your own home, not just a hotel room to sleep in. You can relax and live in them. Our fully-equipped kitchens let you comfortably and easily prepare meals for you and your guests. Groceries are far less expensive than restaurants! How much more will you spend on food if you stay at another location that forces you to go out to eat every meal, every day? And the gracious and beautiful decorating in a LuxAir apartment invites you to stay in and enjoy the comfort of home when you want, and still take in the fabulous views just outside your windows.

Our guests rave about our locations and become loyal, repeat customers and friends. They know the value we offer and recognize that the memories they build while staying with us are priceless.

They also are savvy enough to know that, in the end, a LuxAir apartment is a bargain when you add up all you get. Our guests also appreciate the hassle-free experience they have, and realize that this is part of what they are paying for. Please consider all of these factors when making up your mind about staying with us.

We would love to have you as our guest and experience why LuxAir is different and better. But you can never truly appreciate what we have to offer until you experience if for yourself. To make this easier, I would like to extend a 10% discount for you for this visit, if you will reconsider and keep your booking with us. Will you take advantage of this personal offer today?

Come let us show you why your vacation in the Madrid will be a truly memorable experience when you stay with LuxAir!

I hope to hear from you with the good news!

Sincerely yours, Michele Allataire LuxAir International Rentals